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      DOMINATE Kiwi inventors - Shane and AJ

      21 years ago, in the back of a barbershop on Ponsonby Road, New Zealand, two Kiwi entrepreneurs put their heads together and blended the first batch of hair wax that is now known as DOMINATE.

      With a strong dose of Kiwi ingenuity, founders AJ and Shane purchased a washing machine drum and borrowed a wooden spoon from the café next door to create their ideal hair product - a strong hold and easy style wax.

      21 years on, DOMINATE is still proudly one of Australasia’s leading men's styling brands. DOMINATE's salon-strength formulations are now vegan-friendly and enhanced with natural ingredients such as Coconut, Olive, Hemp and Linseed Oils to give your hair health that extra boost - adding volume, soothing your scalp and working against hair fall. There's a product to suit every hair type and style.

      The washing machine drum and wooden spoon are long gone but AJ and Shane are still around, making sure that DOMINATE continues to build on the strong foundations they established back in 2000 - 100% proudly cruelty-free and now vegan-friendly. Through DOMINATE, the barbershop spirit and passion for men's styling lives on.

      It’s time to make the move, hold strong with DOMINATE.