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      Good hair. Good values.

      We love a good hair day, but, not at any price. We’re certainly not going to sacrifice the planet for it. That’s why we keep working to make DOMINATE better – better for you and better for the environment.

      Proudly New Zealand-made.

      DOMINATE is ethically designed, formulated and produced in New Zealand.

      Sustainable packaging.

      Our recyclable pot and seal is made with fully recyclable High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) plastic, which includes 10% recycled HDPE material. The lids are made from aluminium. Once you finish your DOMINATE, all container elements can go straight into your household recycling bin, ready to be recycled or remade into something else.

      No nasties.

      Many cosmetic products use parabens as preservatives. These can cause harm to our bodies and disrupt our ecosystems through our wastewater. We're not big fans of parabens, so we've made sure DOMINATE is completely paraben-free.

      You can find a list of our key ingredients here.


      Our first DOMINATE products were made with beeswax, but since then, we've found a way to make equally or even more awesome hair products that are also suitable for all our vegan friends.

      100% Cruelty-free.

      We don't test our products on animals. Period.

      No animals are harmed during the DOMINATE process, not the final products nor raw materials. We makes sure that all of our suppliers are also cruelty-free. Plus, we've got a large supply of good-looking men to test DOMINATE on!

      Hair and scalp health.

      Hair thrives in a healthy environment. So, we’ve enhanced our products with ingredients that offer added benefits to address men’s key hair concerns - hair thinning, lack of volume and scalp issues. DOMINATE the day and dominate those hair issues.